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Providing a complete management service to you, to help grow your brand, career and earnings, regardless of whether you're an upcoming or an already established athlete.

After spending years in the health and fitness industry, as well as working with the world's elite athletes, we've built up an established network of the best coaches, physios, nutritionists, marketers, designers and project managers to provide you with all the tools your require to turn your passion into your profession.

We work with athletes at all levels, our only ask is that you're as passionate about progressing as much as we are. We tailor our approach to you, depending on your circumstances, time, availability and level.

We'd love to speak to you, to see how we can take you to the next level.

The Strength Support Package

There's no one size fits all approach with us when it comes to athlete management. Each client is different, so our service to you will always be focussed specifically on you and your goals. The Strength Support package includes the following features but there is so much more that we can and will offer to you to suit your needs.


Funding is a huge stumbling block for most athletes who want to turn their passion to profession. Let us use our connections to secure you the best possible deals.


We'll be the public's point of contact and manage your calendar to maximise appearances, boost your profile and increase your earnings, all suited to your availablity.


Even the world's elite need assistance sometimes. We can get you access to very best coaches in the world, to ensure you have the fastest and most efficient route to your goals.

Forecasting & Advice

We regularly plan for the future with all of our athletes. We share ideas and put plans in place for you to get to where you want to be, without the bullshit.


Your website will be tailored specifically to you and your target audience, with the goal to increase fan following and secure new sponsorship deals.

Social Media Management

Your social media is crucial for you to connect with fans. We manage all your accounts, set-up schedules which saves you time and allows you to focus on interacting with your fans.

Meet our Team

The Strength Support team is formed up of strength enthusiasts, though we're not quite on your level! We all have proven experience in the strength and fitness industry. This gives us the edge by understanding the market, your goals and the struggles you have, we are then able to create the best possible plan of action for you.

Kieran Dear

Kieran has been the owner of a hugely successful private gym in Inverness for the last 5 years. After becoming Tom Stoltman's manager in May 2018, Kieran has helped oversee the huge success Tom has been enjoying of late!

Yasmin Dear

Yasmin has been Kieran's business advisor, with an Honours degree in Business and Management with Finance she is able to have an invaluable input into any business arrangements such as negotiating sponsorship deals.

Sam Pearson

Sam has managed online strength training communities, organised and hosted seminars with elite athletes and most importantly, created hundreds of engaging websites for clients around the world.

Meet our Athletes

Our athletes are at the heart of everything we do at Strength Support. We are proud to be the management team for Tom & Luke Stoltman. In 2019, Tom placed 5th at World's Strongest Man and Luke placed 7th at World's Strongest Man. Between them, they've won Scotland's Strongest Man for the past six years.

If you're interested in sponsoring, supporting or booking any of our athletes, please click the appropriate button beneath each athletes bio.

Tom Stoltman

Tom currently holds the title of Scotland's Strongest Man and is currently ranked 5th strongest in the world. Tom's meteoric rise to the top of the strongman scene is astounding. Strength Support has enabled Tom to fast track his route to the top.

Tom is part of the world famous 'Stoltman Brothers' duo. The Stoltman Brothers are undoubtedly the strongest brothers of all time and it's an absolute pleasure to work with them. They train together and push each other to the limits, which makes them such a deadly duo in strongman competition.

Tom also holds an unofficial world record atlas stone with an astounding weight of 255kg (562lb/40 stone)!

If you're interested in sponsoring Tom in an official capacity, or perhaps you'd like to donate, either as a one off or a regular monthly fee - every donation or sponsorship will get Tom to where he wants to be faster.

Luke Stoltman

Luke has won the title of Scotland's Strongest Man FIVE times. Only recently losing his title to his younger brother Tom, yet Luke is hungrier than ever to take that crown back. Luke is currently ranked 7th strongest in the world.

Luke is the other key ingredient to the 'Stoltman Brothers' duo. Without Tom, Luke would never have been pushed so hard for his Scotland Strongest Man (SSM) titles and without Luke, Tom may never have become the powerhouse he is today. They thoroughly push each over to their limits.

If you're interested in sponsoring Luke in an official capacity, or perhaps you'd like to donate, either as a one off or a regular monthly fee - every donation or sponsorship will get Luke to where he wants to be faster.

Paul Smith

Paul has already won a plethora of titles including England's Strongest Man 2016, World's Strongest Junior 2017 and competed at World's Strongest Man 2018.

Paul is a 25 year old strongman from Sheffield, England and has been competing since 2011 and has gained a tremendous amount from the sport in more ways than one. He loves to train and compete, the pursuit of strength and athleticism is his absolute passion and has been for over a decade now. He says "It truly is the best feeling in the world in my opinion to set a big goal, put the work in for weeks, months and even years, and finally achieve it!"

Paul also holds the world record in the "Hammer Hold" event, recorded at Britain's Strongest Man 2018, beating the reigning World's Strongest Man, Eddie Hall!

If you're interested in sponsoring Paul in an official capacity, or perhaps you'd like to donate, either as a one off or a regular monthly fee - every donation or sponsorship will get Paul to where he wants to be faster.

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