About - Strength Support

After working in and being a fan of the strength industry for many years, we wanted to bridge the gap between strength sports and more conventional sports.

Strength athletes put so much time and effort into their sport as well as brutally testing the human body yet they're not rewarded well financially unlike many other sports.

Strength Support was created to help athletes turn their passion into profession but we've grown as a company to provide gyms and professionals involved in strength with affordable websites to help their businesses grow.

We'd love to speak to you, to see how we can help you and your business grow.

Meet our Team

The Strength Support team is formed up of strength enthusiasts. We all have proven experience in the strength and fitness industry. This gives us the edge by understanding the market, your goals and the struggles you have, we are then able to create the best possible plan of action for you.

Kieran Dear

Kieran has been the owner of a hugely successful private gym in Inverness for the last 5 years. Kieran worked with Tom Stoltman for 18 months taking him to the top. He now wants to work with the new athletes with bright futures.

Yasmin Dear

Yasmin has been Kieran's business advisor, with an Honours degree in Business and Management with Finance she is able to have an invaluable input into any business arrangements such as negotiating sponsorship deals.

Sam Pearson

Sam has managed online strength training communities, organised and hosted seminars with elite athletes and most importantly, created hundreds of engaging websites for clients around the world.

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